Corporate I.T. Preventive Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Proactive Monitoring Prevents Downtime

Preventative Maintenance is key and we provide a proactive approach to preventing major failures and downtime. With regular preventative maintenance your equipment will also last longer as well as performing as intended.

With our remote monitoring software we can monitor 99.9% of devices on the market. We monitor things such as hard drive health, printer fusers, roller health, switches, firewalls, servers etc. and detect equipment issues and help you fix it before it fails avoiding unnecessary downtime.  It's impossible to prevent all break downs but with our proactive maintenance, we can reduce them by up to 90%.

Engaging with RevoBlue allows us to improve productivity and take this task away from your IT team so that they can focus on their primary objectives and daily tasks.

Dust build up in your PC will shorten its life span by 50%. These little issues become big issues when you neglect them for too long. Allow us to keep your equipment running as it did when it was first removed from its box.


Monthly or Bi-Monthly Preventive Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • A physical inspection of the internal components. Checking condition of main board, fans and other critical components.
  • Hard drives are checked for overall health and bad sectors.  Drives with issues are either cloned or the data is transferred to a new hard drive before it fails.
  • We have the ability to access your systems remotely through a secure VPN after working hours to carry out any tasks where we do not need to be on site.
  • Removal of all dust from equipment.
  • Remove bogus software and fake programs.
  • Remove non approved toolbars and browser hijacks.
  • Scanning for viruses and threats that are not caught by your active virus protection.
  • Updating patches for Microsoft Operating Systems and other programs such as Adobe Reader, Flash, Java etc.
  • Server event logs are checked, Windows Updates installed, backups checked.
  • PC Performance tune- up such as cookies, history and temp file removal. Start-up programs not required are removed.
  • Registry cleaning and tweaking.
  • System Bios & driver updates.
  • Recommendations for upgrades such as RAM, CPU, Hard Drives and software if we see needed.
  • Requested tasks, issues or questions from your IT staff or end-users.
  • Cleaning of printer internal parts, replacing rollers, fusers and other parts. Updating of firmware as needed.
  • Active directory checked to ensure replication is functioning.



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